Everything I Lost.


I bet you’re all wondering what does our username mean? or where did it come from? or why did I choose it?
.. We both have two different reasons so let me tell you about mine.

As if anyone is reading guessed, yes its about a guy. But he’s not a normal guy, or I am convinced so. Five years ago, I met him. we shared the same class, we were so young and naive. I fell in love instantly, or whatever you want to call that feeling as i never experienced it before. I thought I was the only one who had that feeling, it’s like every time i see him or sit next to him my face gets red, my stomach hurts and i smile unintentionally. Day by day, this feeling increased. He’s tan skin and his gorgeous glowing brown eyes make me move to another planet. His perfect sense of humor, and he’s flawless smile, I pray to God everyday that he keeps it.

Now everything makes sense the love magazines, valentine’s day ,& crazy people obsessed with love. I get it now.

Making me happy didn’t require him a lot of effort ,Actually his presence was just enough. we got so close and i couldn’t help it, i didn’t tell him but i almost did. yes, i almost did.
And you’d be asking what about now? how close are you? are you together? Unfortunately no,I’ve lost him. why? for a girl. yea, imagine how terrible this is.

I’d sum it all up now,
He’s man enough to accept my flaws. He’s man enough to forgive my mistakes. He’s man enough to understand my way of thinking. He’s man enough as he’s a keeper. He’s man enough to show me that I’m special. He’s man enough for the way he still cares. He’s man enough as he shows it not only in words but in his actions too!
You make it good when everything is bad in front of me, the best of every situation. For the record, no one EVER did that. You were the only one who was able to shift my mood, even till now you still manage to do it. Its even the idea of thinking about you brings a smile to my face when I remember you smiling at me, or tears in my eyes that we used to have is far beyond gone. You just perfectly describe the word perfect. You taught me to stand for what I believe in, you made me stronger day by day. So here I am saying I SO believe that in every girl’s life comes a gentleman, they feel complete when they’re sitting next to them, seeing him flawless. So here you came..
Don’t you ever tell me we aren’t meant to be together, okay? Because we are. M, I saw in you what I never saw and never will see in anyone else. You are that special to me!
Your girlfriend has every right to boast about you like that. She’s surely amazed by you. Anyway, I hope you’re doing fine. Even if we’re never getting what we had back, I am so proud calling you my first love, the one who took my heart and breath away.I am that happy it was you, only you& not anyone else! you were worth all the pain, the stress & the drama. Thank you for being by my side all this time and making me overwhelmed. -SA


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