Introducing Me..


Hey there readers, that’s FH. I’m a 15 year old Capricorn female. My biggest goal is reaching greatness and leaving a mark.. Giving people a reason to remember my name.

I’m obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and Three Days Grace.

Life’s nothing without imagining..

So In my imagination, I’m Ian Somerhalder’s girlfriend and we’re getting married soon.

I hate back stabbers, liars and promise breakers. I’ve experienced a bunch of really hard relationships so I have some trust issues.

I’m extremely sentimental, memories do mean a lot to me. What’s life without them? I have that personal box where I keep a memory from every person who once occupied a huge place in my life.

Paulo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks are my role models. What else would I need if I’m a successful writer that sends people off with life’s most important lessons through books?¬†

And finally, my diary is my best friend.

I guess that’s enough for now.

See you in my next post x


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