My Secret Behind ‘Moulicious’

Do you guys wanna know my secret behind ‘Moulicious’?
Well, let me start by telling you something you should know about me..
There’s that connection between me and love that no one will ever understand.. Even me.
I fall in love blindly without thinking of any consequences. I take risks.
Even if I’ll have to lose the person I fall in love with.. It’s out of my control.
As a friend of mine once said “No matter how one might try to run away from love.. It eventually catches them and they end up being some runner ups.”
Yeah, no matter how hard I try to avoid love, I find it in my way..
And what’s the problem with that? Is that my life is based on an endless love cycle you’ll know about in my next post.
Back to the secret behind ‘Moulicious’..
There was that guy called MHS, I loved him.. I really did.
But now, when I look back on the way I did.. That wasn’t true love.
We didn’t go out much and we didn’t even talk much.
But loving him felt good.. It was flawless. A love with no pain.

1st December,2011.. That was the first time I saw him. I still remember that day with every single detail.
Let me show you a part of my diary about him that pretty much explains how I felt back then..

‘Dear Diary, he’s becoming a major part of my life.. I can’t pass a day without talking to him.
Seeing him start a chat and calling my name makes my day.
It just feels too good being in love with him.
I have hope and I’ll never give up until he’s mine.. Even for a day.. But he’ll be just mine, only me and no one else’s.
There is too much kept down in my heart.. Things I’d be afraid to speak but I wish I could.
He’s perfect, diary. I’m sure he is.
When I told my friend he told me get over him he’s no good but I just ignored him as he would never know how good it feels while loving him.
The day I knew him was the day I got my happiness back.. He kind of switched the lights on while I was lost in the dark.
He guided me through the right path and made me a better person.
I love you ‘Goofy’
Forever I’ll do.’

So yeah, I used to say ‘I won’t give up until he’s mine’ and guess what? I gave up after 8 months.
It wasn’t fun, but it was a relationship with good memories I’ll always remember.
And if you’re asking about the ‘the day I knew him was the day I got my happiness back’ part, well.. I loved another guy exactly before him. I loved that guy for 2 years and I never thought I’d get over him one day, but life has its surprises.
The only reason I got over my Two-Year-Hopeless-Love was you Goofy.
You taught me that no matter how hard I want something, I should learn to let it go to have space for better things.



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