Sky’s The Limit.

I consider this extremely important, so I decided to discuss this topic.
 Do you know what it’s like to crash someone’s hopes? To tell someone they can’t do certain thing? Or they suck at it? You probably don’t until someone has done it to you. It’s like the world most awful feeling.  I can’t even describe it.
Further more, than the bullshit anyone knows about this, what I want to add is the question”why”? Seriously, what do you get for letting someone’s dream go to ashes? What’s the joy seeing someone falling apart?

Yes, maybe it’ll be all because of a word you said. It coasted you nothing; you just said it for fun. But do you know what did it cost them? They GAVE UP.  Do you realize how it hurts to give up on your dream? Something you believed in for so long, you would’ve killed to accomplish it but you just gave up? At least, they are trying and someday will complete their dream what have you done so far? Their high hopes and expectations were at the peak, now they’re buried deep. Your little foolish remark just killed their inner spirit. They would be thinking all day and night, that they are a waste of space. Or they’re useless creatures.
But you know what? They’re not useless they are just luckless, to be surrounded with this much of evilness in the devils beside them.

Do you know how hard is it to tell them to start all over? You don’t. Because you most likely don’t know what it took them to establish it for the first time.  You and your brainless mind should be illegal to be alive. I just can’t stand you guys.
Everywhere they go they just want to fit in. Every single place or every school they go. They dream of being that cool kid, even if it means acting stupid.

 It doesn’t matter how many times you got knocked on the floor, you have your own imagination. Believe and you’ll achieve. Hold on to your dream tight, listen to nobody. Whoever puts your hopes down is just green eyed, because they don’t have the courage to take the initiative step as you did. There’s still a chance in you, because there’s a spark inside you. Now, you could either just sit on your ass curse and moan or take this situation in which you’re placed in and get up and get your own!

Here’s to the world,
Be yourself, be proud of who you are. Even if this sounds cheesy, but don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t good at something.



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