Drifting Further Everyday..


What should you do when you care for someone SO much and they don’t appreciate it and show you the worst treatment in return? That’s how it’s going on with me these days.. I’m drifting away from my best friend and I have no idea why. I also have nothing to do about it. So, here I go.. Treating her perfectly, caring endlessly and loving her like no one else. But does it matter? Do I even matter? I doubt. Considering you a priority has been my biggest mistake. So I try my best to occupy that special place in your heart.. The place where I keep you in mine. But the truth is, I’m never good enough for you. You never appreciate the slightest shit I do to simply make you happy. And as a reward, what do I get? You replace me. And I’m sick and tired of you replacing me. I’m sick and tired of your mood swings too. I’m sick and tired of expecting that one day you’d prove me wrong.

Once upon a time, you were priority. But why the fuck should I prioritize someone who does nothing but bring me down?
And yeah, you took for granted all the times I never let you down. But pain changes people, and don’t be so surprised next time you see me leaving your side or bringing you down. Remember, you taught me that.
Count all the times I’ve tried to gain you back, the times I’ve given in my all in that friendship. You can’t, they’re countless. Count all the times YOU made me feel like our friendship was worth holding on too? They’re very few.

I know it’s long gone and there’s nothing else I can do, so I’ll forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to.



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