Ready, Set And Let Go.

When there’s nothing all right anymore, when everything that used to make you laugh out loud is now making you barely smile. When your life is just point-less, meaning-less, & worth-less.

Even though you’re surrounded with all the people you really need, but unfortunately you don’t know why you find something missing, something incomplete.  Is it just a normal depression?  But that feeling of hopelessness is enlarging. In the middle you’ll find yourself lost, living with no target. You won’t find yourself ever good enough anymore, and believe me for ANYONE. You’ve been lead down, chImageeated on, back stabbed  lied to and worse. To the point that makes you believe that something is wrong with you, it’s obviously not them, because why “them” each time? You’ll keep asking yourself. And believe me you’ll find no answer. Soon enough you’ll find yourself faking a smile. Further, you’re even not able to grin anymore. And when you ask yourself why? You don’t know. You just want to be alone, drawn in your tears, enjoy the sound of silence, and forget about everyone and everything. THOUGH YOU DON’T WANNA BE ALONE.

Now you all think I’m crazy. I agree, well yea I’m gone mad. I just want to say we just need someone who won’t break any promises, the one who will make us laugh again, bring back us to life. Even if you find that person, still you won’t let them close enough to you. You’re scared to death; you’re just tired of being hurt. You say you’d prefer the feeling OF emptiness than feeling at all. You decide to give your heart a break. And when someone asks you “what’s wrong?” you reply “Nothing at all, I’m fine” because you don’t know what to tell them, you don’t really feel anything  and the lie continues even to yourself “I’ll be, just not today..” .       -SA



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