Ever thought that someone has feelings for you because of the way they treat you? When they treat you more like their property..

To begin with, I should probably tell you who made me think like that.. Y did.
6th July, 2012. That’s the day we knew each other. And from the first time we started talking, I felt something special about this person. I was sure that he wouldn’t be a normal friend. Then, normally, we started talking every second of every day, unstoppable, bottomless.. The first time I saw him, I began to be certain that I had a little crush on him.. Even though I used to worship O back then.

Y treated me perfectly. And on our second outing, he treated me more like his girlfriend, but the problem was that he had some feelings for his ex-girlfriend. 3 months passed and we’ve been getting closer and closer in no time. Whenever he sees me talking to any other guy, he fights. We are just as jealous as any couple, it was even more than friendship jealousy. I’ve tried everything to convince myself that I should get over him in order not to lose him but, I failed. He was more like a miracle because as time passed, I’ve learnt to move on from my toughest love; O. And I thought that was IMPOSSIBLE.

Now, I know he has feelings for me too.. But I can never see us together in a relationship. We’ll fight everyday over the tinniest shit and eventually, lose each other.
So yeah, that’s us.. More than friends, less than lovers.

You don’t know how hard I try to fight the urge of telling you how much I love you everyday before I sleep, Y.

Sincerely, FH.


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