Life’s Small but GREAT Joys.


We often don’t appreciate life’s smallest joys.. But if we ever do, life would be much better.

We go in search of great things that we forget the small ones and actually those small ones are the perfect ones.

You can find life’s smallest joys in the toughest daily situations.
Let me give you a good example..
When someone puts in an effort just to see you smile.
Know those times when you’re deep down in the dumps.. When you’re so frustrated that you cry your face off anytime someone asks you what’s wrong. And if you try to hold your tears back, you fake a smile and lie and say that everything’s alright, but it’s not.
Just as you’re standing at the edge of the unknown, losing hope in everything in your life.. Comes those exquisite people who try their best to turn your frown upside down and lift you higher exactly before you hit the ground. That, my friends, is one of life’s smallest joys. Next time you feel bad and you find your friends by your side, appreciate it and you’ll definitely feel better.

When a baby holds your finger with his whole hand.
It’s when you’re playing with a little baby and he suddenly ceases your finger in his hand and what would really draw a smile on your face is when he grabs your finger nearer to his mouth and starts to bite it with his toothless mouth. What a great feeling..

When a guy pulls your chair and helps you in.
There are some extremely cute stuff a guy can do to make your day.. Maybe they don’t notice how nice these things are but it definitely occupies that greatest places in our hearts.
So, you’re hanging out with your friends and then you had to cross a closed door, nothing and I mean NOTHING is more gallant than when a guy pulls the door and waits for you to pass then follows you and closes the door. And then, you’re inside and ready to sit so he comes and grabs your chair and helps you sit. That would make any girl happy with no doubt.

Turning to the other side of the pillow.
You’re in the middle of your sleep when you suddenly wake up and find that your sleeping position is not as comfortable as it was before. So, you turn your pillow trying to fit your head in the most perfect area. Another reason for turning your pillow is getting the cold side that gives you goose bumps just as you hug it.

‘Wait, what? I thought I was the only one’
This sentence is the initial point of many friendships in this world. It’s when you meet your soulmate.. When you meet that person who has the same taste in music like you or likes the same TV shows or even does the stupidest things you thought you were the only one who did them.

One of the greatest small joys is Sleeping With a Smile On Your Face..
That relief moment when everything’s good enough and you decided to be happy so instead of sleeping with tears in your eyes, you sleep with a smile on your face.

Stomping dry crunchy leaves on the side walk.

Popping bubble Wrap.
I’m sure we all find our biggest joy in popping bubble wrap. When our parents buy a new fridge or a tv or even a vase.. We head there slowly, sneak, and get the bubble wrap silently without letting anyone in the house notice. Cause if they do, it would be group popping and you wouldn’t get to pop as many pops as you expected.

Fixing electronics buy smacking them.
I bet that happened with all of us. Smacking our remote controls or game boys or even our mobile phones to make them work. And when they do, we feel powerful. Like a boss.

When you and your best friend are mistaken for siblings.

When people are counting down for your birthday.
For me, that’s the best feeling anyone could ever feel.


Making your parents proud.
The Smell of rain on the hot sidewalks.
Getting lost in a book.
Making Someone Smile.
Being Appreciated.

Feel free to post your small joys in a comment x
Learn to appreciate the small joys so when the big ones come, you deserve them.
Feel it all like melted joy and sizzling happiness served on a big pizza pie of heaven.



2 responses to “Life’s Small but GREAT Joys.

  1. Sara Rifaat

    This really cheered me up, exactly when I needed it<3
    I Loved it.<3

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