With confessions comes relief..

Us, humans, have so much inside that we wish we could say but we’re just afraid of the consequences, we’re afraid of saying the truth cause it can sometimes lead to things we’re terrified to face.. Like maybe losing the ones we love.
But eventually comes the moment when we can’t hold our words back.. We have no other choice but saying everything we needed to say for so long so we explode.. and now, we don’t care about the consequences anymore cause we’re too busy thinking about the feeling we get after we speak our hearts. yes, the feeling of relief.

Today, me and my best friend decided to have a confession hour. For 60 minutes,we said everything we kept bottled inside of us for so long. And now, guess what? I feel that we’re even closer than before.

I also had a confession hour with my crush, Y.
But it didn’t turn out so good, we had a fight but it was worth it.
I felt better, the feeling of relief once more took over and that’s what matters.

The problem with me is that I overreact.. For once in my life I wish I could control myself and be proactive instead of reactive. Be a bottle of water instead of a fizzy drink, no matter how hard people might shake me, I’d stop reacting and move on instead. Being proactive would definitely help me through tons of things in my life, but it takes time, it takes effort.

So, let me ask you.. Are you in the driver’s seat of your life or are you merely a passenger? Do you react to every bad thing you face or do you jet let go and move on?
A little tip I’d like to pass on is that if any of you has things he’d like to say but is hesitant to.. DO IT! Have a confession hour, be honest. I don’t think you’ll regret it.



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