Nothing feels better than winter approaching..

With its freezing yet wonderful weather and its splashing rain.

When you get wrapped in your blanket, drink some hot chocolate, watch a movie and fall asleep unconsciously. You wake up the next morning stuck in bed, you don’t ever want to leave your new best friend.. Your blanket. And when the situation gets tough and you have no other choice but saying your goodbyes, you hug it tight and leave it behind. And the moment you leave it, you’re all full of goose bumps.

You nearly put your whole wardrobe on. You wear a number of clothes layers, put on your wool scarf, your comfy gloves and now you’re ready. You take your thermal mug of coffee and off you go, into the freezing weather. Sometimes, you can barely feel your nose or maybe your ears or even your whole face.. You sizzle the whole day and spend half your time rubbing your hands together to make them feel warm.. But it’s worth it. It’s the best feeling you’ve been waiting for the whole year.

You return home, turn on your heater and go back to your best friend. You get inside your bed, wrap yourself with your blanket, cautious enough not to leave any tiny hole that’s going to let air enter and freeze your body.

And the biggest disaster is shower time.

exposing your body to the cruel weather, but just as you get inside the tub, surrounded by the warmest water, you forget everything and everyone and you’d stay inside for hours. And when you get out of the tub, you look at the mirror.. It’s hidden beneath the water vapor from the condensed warm water, you start drawing figures then you look at your fingers and you find them all wrinkled. You run to your room, put on all the comfy warming clothes you can put on and put yourself under your blankie.

Don’t you just love winter?



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