Dream Land.

Every girl’s dream is to find the perfect guy, the one who completes her.  A prince charming that treats her like a princess with his white horse coming along. The hero who rescues her.  The guy, her eyes would unintentionally polish and her white teeth bright, when she’s with him. The “one” she wants to walk down the aisle for and say “I do” proudly to him with her loudest voice in front of everyone she knows.

Now, consider me not a girl because this won’t be something I daydream about. I’d rather have my head in the clouds about the perfect place, where I’m left alone for a while. No perfect guy, no heartbreaks, no cries. Everything I wish for, would find it there. Where happiness stays alive.

Maybe the perfect picture about it isn’t complete by now, but I’ll tell what’s on my mind. So let’s make a list:

  • First, I would like to live in an island, where sea is everywhere. You see the dolphins far away jumping out of the water at the sunset. Isn’t that calming?
  • Second, else than the island should be super safe, I would want music to play. With my hair flipping from all the wind passing by.
  • The weather shouldn’t be cold, and shouldn’t be hot. I would prefer the autumn.
  •  I would reaalllyyyyy want a pool of yummy candies (Jellybeans, cotton candy..Etc) with LOTS of twizzlers. And beside it another one of chocolate, and that should be the only food allowed there.
  • And then I should sleep in a hotel, I have no idea where I can find a hotel in an island. But anywhere far away than the idea of tents and camping, I’m not used to that.
  • Shall the night won’t be scary anymore.
  • Extra fruity juices everywhere when I want to.Image
  • Lay on a hammock, close my eyes and smile.
  • I want to ride an elephant beside the sea, where I’d sleep on my stomach when I’m riding him. Yea imagine that BIG hug.

    That’s all in my mind now though I get many thoughts every day. Yea, I admit it would be boring without your soul mate “the one” neither friends nor family. But, I wish I would just fade away for a moment, clear my mind up and see everything positively. I really need a break, and then I’ll come back to all the bullshit, the pain, the stress and the drama. And live normally, and shall wait for heaven where everything is million times better. Amen.



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