Mommy Love.


One day, I was sitting by the window in my room and about to close my eyes and take a nap. But what is this? I heard something strange. Well yea it’s maybe not bizarre at all, you might hear this sentence on daily bases, but it’s the first time I value its meaning this much. So what I heard was a little baby howling, and as usual his mother should calm him down so she said “darling don’t cry, I’m here, I’m here”. Imagine this very short sentence kept me awake, and I just repeated it million times in my head. What in “I’m here” is so magical that stopped the baby from crying? What did he see in his mother’s eye when she came running towards him that made him feel so safe? This few words just changed his status. It’s a value of trust, when his mother came near he was sure and convinced that no one would harm him, nothing wrong is going to take place, he just trusted her blindly. So let’s start counting for few privileges of a mom, and put trust on top of them all.

Secondly, now I began having flashbacks about few things in my childhood. When I hear those records, it’s the first day of school when I cried off my face I didn’t ever want to leave mommy’s hug. It’s when some people mock at me, but still my mother think I’m the most beautiful kid in the world. It’s when I’m sick and I need no one by my side but her. It’s when I learn something new, I rush to her when I come back home to tell her the news. It’s when someone/something scare me I just scream her name unconditionally. It’s in my birthdays when I take her present and be extraordinarily pleased even if it’s not the most expensive, it’s the nearest to my heart. Did you know what the second thing is? Yea, friendship. When I was born she was my first best-friend, I only had two brothers no sisters, so the only one I can share secrets with she was the only one I knew back then.

Now, I’ve been only talking about things I receive from her, so it’s her turn. When any girl just gains a few pounds she might fall apart, she does everything possible to lose them again so she can stay in the perfect shape. Yea, now picture what a pregnant woman looks like, besides she stays like this for 9 whole months, in addition to the pain. God! I have no Idea how I’d be able to do that. And the breast-feeding eww, let’s just skip this part. Now to the diapers, she had to change yours daily even more than once or twice, yea several times. If anyone just wakes me up for a stupid reason, I’d hate him for the rest of my life, now as a baby how many times did you wake her up when she was in desperate need of sleep, it’s countless. After that, let’s go to another stage of life, maybe “teenagers”. From your thirteen to your nineteen. Despite I’m still stuck in between, but how many times in that period of time, have you disobeyed her, hurt her feelings or made a huge mistake? She knew that you’ll come to that age sooner or later, she knew you’d do bad things you might curse at her or even worse. What she has in mind is to teach you right from wrong, good from bad, how to avoid mistakes, and how to deal with evilness, that’s mainly her part. And whatever you do, she can’t stand not talking to you; she just wants to teach you a lesson. After that whatever you have done, she just let it go. She doesn’t care how many times you made her trouble and how “yuck” is that thing she is going to do, she just cares about you. And to everyone this part is called forgiveness.

Your mother is the only and will always be the only creature in the world who won’t give up on you. She might get you on your nerves, you might even cry from her decisions but sooner or later you’ll know she was right.

Without you mamma who’d ever heal my pain? Without you mamma who’d I sit in her lap for a moment and forget about everything bothering me? Without you mamma who’d raise my hopes up before every exam or every task I’m going to get? Without you mamma why I’d still be trying to achieve a goal? I just want to make you proud. Without you mamma; I’d be lost.

May God never make you sad, as every time you shed a tear my heart is torn apart inside. May all your days be full of happiness and joy. And I just want to tell you something, that no matter how many times we fight you’re the most amazing person on the planet. -SA.


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