All That Counts Is Here And Now.

ImageTick-tock, Tick-tock. You lost 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds, the month would be a 30 instead of 31 & less one day from the 365 days from a single year, if you waste a day just a single day of a 24 hours. You could realize how long and essential a day is when everything focuses on you, you get that spot light once a year. Yea, happy birthday.

You wait each year for only one moment. The room is dark everyone of your beloved is circling around you, the light of the candles is glowing their faces, you stare at each one’s eyes you see who’s been there all the time you feel the warmth when they are singing they’re really happy for you from the heart and not faking it. You see it in the way they look to you and the way they greet you; the words which were left unspoken what they tried to show earlier. All of that in that few minutes they were singing to you. And here comes the magical moment, everyone is silent, you close your eyes for a couple of seconds and really search what’s inside and you know what you really want. After that, you blow off the candles with the mysterious wish, everybody is dying out of curiosity to know what it is, but you keep it to yourself hoping it would accomplish just like every year…

Now would you count with me the milliseconds left for my birthday? Thank you. 21 November, after little time but years ago, I was a tiny creature still my parents hadn’t even decided what they would name me yet.
 All this time just passed now it’s gone; all I have is just photos of old memories. How could a life-time pass so fast? I have loved and lost someone, best-friend fights, and family troubles. But what matters is now… Nothing else matters. It’s just the how have you been and a birthday wish plus the awkward silent from a stranger who happened to be one day your best friend or your first love, you used to spend each year’s birthday with, but what do you gain now? Yea a wish.  Still you don’t care, just not to ruin the day, it comes only once a year. You’re so happy to focus on the little things, you’re care-free for only for 24 hours and then everything comes back to normal. So now dear, use the day well it’s long enough to change our lives.   -SA


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