Where everything ends.. Death.


There’s a very thin line between life and death.. Life comes with no guarantees.. No one knows when they’d be taking their last breaths.. We make plans for tomorrow, for the next month, for the coming year, and even for our life in the future. Getting married, giving birth, traveling round the world, having our own business or whatever. We all have plans, but we have no ticket that says that we’ll be able to accomplish them all before we die.
None of us can predict the future, but there’s one thing we know for sure.. It ain’t gonna go as planned.

I’ve decided to discuss that topic since Egypt, where I live, has been going through a lot of disasters lately. People die everyday now.. And the president who’s supposed to be responsible for all that shit, does nothing.

How could people these days be so cruel and not value the life of a person? It’s priceless.
A couple of days ago, a school bus got hit by a train and about 50 kids died.. Imagine to say goodbye to your son or daughter at the morning before they leave to school and the next day, you don’t find them there anymore.. You lost them just because 2 drivers didn’t drive cautiously. Imagine the pain their parents hold in their hearts right now.. Just because they wanted their children to go to school, learn, and they expected that they’d see them as some successful people in the future setting a good example or even helping other people. But what did they get from wanting their children to be well educated people to be able to fit in this generation’s society? They got nothing.. In fact, they lost everything.

And then comes our careless president who tries to make it up for the innocent dead kids parents by helping them financially with 4000 L.E. How cruel! Does he really think that by that amount of money everything’s going to be okay? They lost a soul not an object.

Even though I’m not Palestinian nor Syrian, it breaks my heart hearing the news of Gaza or Syria.. Where hundreds of people die daily. What would harm Israel if they stopped killing Palestinians or if Syria’s president Bashar Elasad and his entourage would end these merciless acts and leave people live the only life they get?
Such a savagery world we live in..

To cut it short, I think us.. normal people, should start fearing death more.. We all know we’re going to die, but none of us believe it. If we did, we would do things differently. We wouldn’t hurt the ones we love before we go to sleep thinking we’re going to make it up for them the following day, what if we never wake up for one more day? We should be prepared for death at any time.. Consequently, we’ll be more involved in our lives while living them. We should give in our all to be ready to face death.. Ask ourselves everyday, am I ready to die? Is this is how I’m going to face God? Is this how I’m going to leave my beloved ones?

Learn to live before it’s too late. Now, I have to go pray and thank God for that breath I’m taking right now. -FH


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