Real happiness.


At some point of our lives, we’ll all eventually find the one person who cares for nothing more than our happiness. We’ll all come to the edge of losing hope in everything around us.. Our families, friends, lovers and maybe even in ourselves. Then, we suddenly see a little glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel we’re stuck in.. And that little glimpse is the one who’ll turn our whole life upside down.

Thursday, 22nd November. When it all started..
When I finally saw my very own glimpse of light, the guy who definitely turned my frown upside down. That guy has nearly everything I’ve been looking for my whole life.. He’s the greatest gentleman ever born, he listens to good music, he’d never leave my side, he’d never hurt me and most importantly, I believe he’d never let me go. What else could I possibly wish for? Nothing is better than having that certain person who tries their best to fill you up with happiness. And that’s how it’s been, I’ve been keeping that really wide smile on my face for two weeks now and that actually never happened before.. He does the smallest yet cutest things ever that occupy the largest places in my heart.
I love it when he hits my forehead or pokes my arm.
I love it when he opens the door for me to pass.
I love it when he pulls my chair out and helps me in.
I love it when he fights for me.
I love it when he glances my way.
I love it when he smiles.. Gosh, he has the cutest smile one can ever have.
I love the way he cares.
I love the feeling I get every time we’re together.. I feel safe and secure.
I love how I’m insanely daydreaming about him literally every second of every day.
He might not know how nice these tiny things he does are but I definitely appreciate each and every effort he tries to make just to see me smile.
And I madly love it when he laughs at my jokes.
I’m in love with you and all these little things.
I guess with you, happiness is a permanent state.
Forever I’m keeping you close to my heart where you belong.



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