Rhythm of Love.

Just a little 9 years old girl, opened her window room to let the bright sun light enters her place. She puts some music on and dances with her golden hair being blown by the rushing cold air coming in, and she closes her beautiful glowing blue eyes and dream away. At the same moment the boy next door who is as old as she is, has been watching her secretly from the gap between his windows, knowing that he fell in love instantly. Yea, love from the first sight. Days went by, he continued his unstoppable stalking. He knew a lot of things about her, when does her school bus arrive to pick her up, and the time of her ballet lessons and the time she studies in and many more. He wished he could talk to her, but still he was a little shy boy.

And so do years go by, both of them have their own lives, yet he feels they have a connection. He feels they’re growing up together in an invisible way, he always hoped if she even knew his existence.

Now, he’s almost an adult, jerk was his type. He’s like “the coolest” on other terms, the one who always gets any girl he wants at anytime, who mess up with good girls heart, and leave them for no apparent reason. But deep inside he felt something strange for that girl, for the minutes he sees her maybe he feels guilty he just doesn’t stand someone who could play with her innocent heart as he does to other girls, but these little minutes could make his whole day more than the hours he spend with each girl he sleeps with everyday.



For the many times he thought of her, what the poor man doesn’t know that he’s all she thinks about at night. Yea, she always watched him before she goes to sleep. But, unfortunately she finds him each day with a different girl. She knew he was a player, but with his irresistible tanned skin, his glowing hazel eyes, his perfect body and with the cutest smile ever, she couldn’t resist falling for him. She waited for the perfect chance to talk to him, something deep inside her knew he could be “the one” she wanted to be the change he will have, she had no idea how, but she hoped just someday…

Days went by, she couldn’t help it. The “what if” took over her mind. She decided to take the initial step. He was in the street with some friends; she went full of courage yet scared to death. Her palms were sweaty, she said hello. She saw the shock in his eyes, she took a step back. She wanted words but all she got was nothing. He walked away, just as simple as that. She followed him, kept calling his name, but unluckily he didn’t answer. The girl in the dress cried all the way home. She just thought something wrong was in her; she re-played those minutes in her head all day. She never knew the reason why he walked away, why every girl else but not her?

You all, want to know what’s next? Would she ever get the courage to face him again? Or would she let go? Would he tell her why did he do so? Or would he just let go? Would this be the end so soon? Keep up for the following post to know, I hope you’re interested… waiting for your comments. 🙂 -SA.


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