Hearts Don’t Lie. (2)


Let bygones be bygones. In your life, many awkward situations happen. Maybe awkward silence from a stranger, awkward hello from someone who came back after a long time and also awkward goodbye from someone who was always there and never thought they could leave your side. But, that’s past… you have your all life ahead you rather move on and turn over a new leaf, sit on your ass and piss and moan, or maybe just maybe if it matters enough you could try out another chance.

What we have here, is our story princess. She didn’t decide to leave it to fate; she wasn’t ready to throw in the towel yet. She wanted another talk with him, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth she never accepted a rejection. She wanted to talk it slow, but she waited too long. So, she goes ringing his door bell. As usual, she enters seeing the big party he’s throwing more like he does every day. Everyone in there is either drunk, smoking or doing strange stuff she wasn’t able to understand. That kind of parties she never liked, but unlucky her she liked him. Of course it was hard to see him with that bunch of girls sitting on his lap, but as a spot light was on him she found him as easy as a pie. She walked with every step full of deep thoughts and screamed she wanted to talk to him. He went with her with no thinking; she took him aside and spoke her heart out. She showed him the notes she had in her hands, she wrote down on it the jokes he used to tell, when does he has his haircuts and the time of his guitar lessons and the time he parties in, everything with its date. He couldn’t believe himself the only girl in the world who he couldn’t has is right in-front of him admitting her love for him. That was another magical moment since the first talk, he told her he wanted to push her away he’ll treat her wrong and she doesn’t deserve so. She answered confidently I’ll try to fix you…

Here begins the point I’m trying to deliver. It’s “him, her” they’re trying to keep. Because she always knew even though he seemed extremely happy partying everyday yet his beautiful hazel eyes are full of sadness & unspoken words he doesn’t want to show. Since her eyes first saw him when she was young She always wanted to be the one who knows the secret behind him. However, obstacles will never leave them alone, she knew it would be hard from the very first day, but she never imagined it would turn out like this. Consequences are great impulses in life; with each one of them when it pops up you’ll have the “what if” and “why not” all day in your mind. -SA.



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