Hardest Goodbyes..


I’ve just got the news that one of my best friends will be migrating in a couple of days.
When my friend first told me, I thought it was just a prank and I really hoped that I was right.. But I unfortunately wasn’t. She really is leaving.
So right now, I’m lying here in my bed, crying off my face as I’m remembering every single memory I had with her through those eleven years of our flawless friendship. I got out my old photo albums and started meditating in those old photos of ours when we were little kids.
We never fought, diary. We NEVER did.
Dana? Well, she has that utterly cute smile that could always lighten my day. I know that people say that no one’s perfect, but for me.. She is. I’m not just saying that to personalize, I’m speaking the truth!
How could someone possibly be that innocent and amazing?
She’s the best sister and friend anyone could seriously wish for!
But that’s the hardest part of our lives.. Being forced to say goodbye. Life’s tough.. It really is.
How can I go on without seeing her face anymore after I’ve been seeing it everyday in school for eleven years?
Whose smile would be giving me hope? Who would call my name, run toward me and hug me tight?
If I could, then I would go wherever she would go.. Way up high or even down low.
No one will ever be able to take the special place she has in my heart.
I love her beyond words.


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