Sometimes we intend to not seek the reason behind our sadness, because realizing the reality and knowing the truth about how many things can make us fall apart, breaks our heart. Despite, we let go because sometimes we give too much care people think we’re boring, or we just give no interest people think we’re cold. Nothing is enough to satisfy them. With all the troubles we go through, we wait, wait and wait for the day to pass. Keep staring at the clock and when it’s all dark. We go to our beds, we wait for this perfect moment all day long. I wait for the time I get to lay on the safest place on earth. You cry, you laugh, you talk to yourself, you do anything and it still has your back! amazing, right? however, with all these troubles, tears and anger we hold till we meet our pillow, we wake up with our huge smile and white teeth brightening. When we fall in deep shit, we choose to laugh. Because our minds often thinks, this maybe our last. 

Still and will always be my greatest success when I’m gone, to be remembered as the girl who always laughed, who tried her hardest to cheer you up and brighten your day a little bit, even if I couldn’t do so to my own. 
The years, the months, the days, the minutes, even the seconds with every breath you take that’s just a countdown to something huge, something dull, or something with non-existence. But karma will always serve you, what you’ve done. You’d do so good so you wouldn’t have to face the pay-back time. 
Anyway YOU got your back, trust yourself and depend on yourself. laugh as much as you can, it’s the best and cheapest medicine, it always helped me getting through everything .  -SA.Image


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