Thank you for being there, people!

ImageBreath-taking surprises, energetic days, celebration nights, hectic weeks, spiritual journeys, heartbreaking memories, tough lessons, teary funerals, memorable photographs, huge birthday parties, foolish sleepovers, hilarious videos and special moments.
For sure, we had the best and the worst days of our lives. It’s the people who’ve been there who matters. The ones who tried their best to simply see us happy, who always tried to cheer us up no matter how inside-sad they were, who would instantly bury anyone alive who could try to harm us. And sadly, the people who left us.

‘Best-friend’ isn’t just a word. It’s a heart-to-heart promise, not spoken just felt. It shows when you give them your back but they forever stay loyal. It shows in the hidden words they say. It shows when they couldn’t do something but really really tried. It doesn’t show only in the amount of pictures you both share, neither the poems you both write about each other nor the stupid lies nor masks you wear in front of people. It’s there, the little things. If we put into consideration, the little things whether they’re words or actions are by far, the greatest thing that can define the relationships we share.
God, I had a best-friend who did me no harm but once. May you God protect her, love her, bless her, forgive her and please be there for her for I can’t do this any longer by myself. Because, for the first time in my life, I’m letting go. Just by a simple thank you for being there, I really appreciate it, but I can no longer do this for I’ll be deceiving no one more than myself.

For the person who took my heart and breath away, you also took the best years of my life. Despite, I’m thanking you. For the times you made me feel this extra-happy. I know I could never ever feel that happy again, so you’re a reason for something good in my life.

It’s “them” who left us. It’s the everyday good-morning we got from them, but now we only memorize their voices from our saved voice-notes. It’s the trust-issues they’re putting us through nowadays. And the hardest thing certainly, is when we take a look back… we see that we gave TOO much and got too little. That’s when we pity our souls, doubt ourselves, question our minds and ask why? When the fuck did us do them wrong? Realizing the fact that I knew that I needed someone better but I was sticking to “them” even though they left, breaks my heart. God, no one knows how cold I feel inside but you, I’m asking for a repair. And may that repair be by forgiving, saying thank you and letting them go. For, I tried everything else and it didn’t work.

And here it is my last thank you, for the 1K views we’ve hit recently. Thank you so much for giving us time to read our posts.:) -SA.


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