Eternal Love (1)



Nothing goes as planned.. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, things go better than planned. But most of the time, they go worse..

Each and every promise will soon be a memory. A bitter sweet memory of someone who once was the little glimpse of light at the end of your tunnel. All of a sudden, you’re lost in the dark.. If you go left, you’ll fall. If you go right, you’ll fall. You don’t know which way’s right and which one’s wrong. Just as you stand at the edge, a second away from falling hard, with all your dreams scattering like rain drops upon your head, with those awful voices in your mind telling you that you’re not good enough and it’s like they’ve been put on repeat.. You hear some foot steps coming from so far away, you take a step back and look the other way, you find a little crack of light which constantly attracts you like a magnet. On your journey there, you start regaining your strength, you start putting yourself together and hold everything in place. But that’s a heavy burden on your shoulder and you just can’t hold on anymore. Perhaps your internal compass will malfunction and you’ll lose your way, or maybe you’ll stumble on rocks and stones which are the memories and boundaries of the past you’re leaving behind. You suddenly find a helping hand reaching out for you. Whether it’s a guy or a girl, you blindly start to follow knowing they’re leading the way. You start to rediscover your happiness but unfortunately, your happiness depends on them.

She never intended to fall for him, that wasn’t part of her plan, but his hazel sparkling eyes really got her. His exceptional, flickering, curved smile finally led her to putting her guards down. Ever since she fell for him, love started growing exponentially.. A little after that, he started falling for her too. Eventually, they both fell together and blocked out the whole world cause they had each other. He, out of all the people she once loved, really knew how to make her happy. Gradually, her bruises started heeling and he stopped the bleeding.
That frown on her face started fading and a little smile started growing slowly every day. She started forgetting about her tough past.. She started forgiving the ones who did her wrong and indulged herself in his love. They both started to take it seriously, they were madly in love and they both knew it. They vowed to love each other forever, but how could they do that when they’re not even promised tomorrow?

Wait for the next part in a few days x



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