This is what makes us girls.

It’s a very familiar recipe I thought I should share, it takes only about black minutes till its ready.

– 5 big Braveness, chopped.
– Courage, sliced.
– 3/4 cup of dark honesty.
– 1 tablespoon of white lies syrup.
– 4 bags of happiness.
-cup of sadness.
-Big jar full of secrets.
-Books, you can add as many as you like.
-Pair of eyeglasses.
-infinity cup of music.
-A large bouquet of white daises.
-A dozen of ice cubes.

Now, The preparation: 
Mix the happy with the sad for about 10 minutes, till it gives that pale look.
Then add every other ingredient till you mess it up internally.
With lots of hugging at room temperature, the meal should be done by now.
Cover it for years before serving. At the end I think you’ll get  “Sugar, spice and everything ice.”


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