To My Beloved; John Green.

To my beloved John Green,

I don’t know from where to begin.. I’ve just finished reading The Fault in Our Stars and believe me, I think I left a huge part of myself in that book. Not only did I weep while reading your magnificent words, but I also deeply felt each and every sentence you’ve written.
I’d like to quote you.. ‘The author, Peter Van Houten, seemed to understand me in weird and impossible ways’ but I’d replace Peter Van Houten with you, John Green. Okay first, I’m not a cancer patient nor a survivor.. Neither do I have any close connection with a cancer fellow, but trust me, you really got me hanging on every word you said. You got me so attached to the book in so many ways, to the characters too. Not just Augustus Waters or Hazel Grace but even to Isaac and Peter Van Houten. I can briefly say, you made every character feel like family. Even though it just took me two days to finish the whole book, while reading the last sentence, it almost felt like I’ve been reading this book for so long that I don’t want it to end cause then I’ll have to let it go.
The moment I finished that exquisite book, I started imagining the rest of the story just like you’ve taught us in the book. How Hazel never gave up on finding out the rest of Anna’s story in An Imperial Affliction.
Personally, I’ve always dreamt of becoming a doctor to help patients, mainly cancer fighters. After finishing TFIOS, I can honestly say I want to be the one to find the perfect cure for cancer. And if I ever did, I’ll dedicate it to you, John Green. Only you.

Bless you, John Green for writing such an extraordinary book, but screw you for leading us to get intensively attached to Augustus Waters then suddenly taking him away.

Tons of love,
An overly-attached fan.



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