Most people dream about going back in time and changing a grievous memory,
Having a second chance to undo a certain bitter regret in their past, but Katherine Herald wasn’t ordinary, she wanted to turn back the hands of time to reverse one of the best moments of her life.

Rainy days used to be Katherine’s favorites, rain always made her feel relieved and at ease when in doubt, it used to snitch her fears and her soul-wrecking thoughts away and stitch every scar she had, physically and also emotionally.
But today, on a rainy sunday, the clouds are not the only ones pouring tears.
Katherine sits hopelessly on her window seat hugging her knees to her chest, not feeling the happiness and relief rain offered her anymore. Might as she try to avoid it, her mind always kept pulling her back to the sweetest memory she ever had, the memory that used to send shivers down her spine, now it only ignites the fire that she’s trying so hard to keep unburning inside of her.
She tries to force her eyes to shut thinking that would help block away her memories, but that only makes her reminisce the things that she wants to unremember most.

So then she starts to enter her own world of flashbacks.. Nearly five years ago, on a winter’s night, the rain was pouring heavily on the heads of people, but it had a different impact on two 18 year olds, a guy and a girl who felt the rain wash away their pain.
Like many reckless, lonely souls, Katherine and Damien met on the drizzly sidewalks, soaked in raindrops, and that’s where their love started to blossom.

Ever since that day, their love started growing exponentially.
He made her happy in ways she didn’t even think were possible.
They grew closer over days, weeks, months and years, till one day, he lost his feelings of love for her and left.
He left her with nothing but suffocating memories and an aching heart.
Now, all Katherine wants is to go back in time to that rainy, cold night, and unmeet Damien.. Cause it was such an empty feeling knowing that her name no longer made his heart skip a beat, when days earlier, it made it rhythmically pound so hard, he almost felt it getting out of his chest.
Yes, Damien was the best part of her life, in fact, he was the only one she had, but the pain she felt the day he told her goodbye, was a hundred times bigger than the happiness he made her feel before.



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