I’m becoming Art.

I am becoming art.

I can be a breathtaking masterpiece on a canvas, or just simply a reckless thought in the mind of a dreamer.
I tend to exist in countless ways around you in every corner.
I can be the effortless road that’ll guide you to your own isolated wonderland, a place you’ll always want to escape to, away from reality.
I am the safe place of many terrified and lost souls, and I am the soothing inspiration of many passionate ones.
Get to know me, come closer, and I’ll help you get out of your shadow. I’ll help you discover potentials you didn’t even know you had within yourself. I’ll make you feel like you belong.

You can see my reflection in different kinds of wanderers here and there.
You can see me in the lenses of dauntless photographers as they capture their fascinating silhouettes.
I am the melody that hits a chord inside of everyone and the track they play over and over again.
I am the ink poured down on paper and the colors illustrated on a beautiful art piece.
Humans love discovering my every layer and every kind, they say I’m bottomless.
Paintbrushes are swords on a battlefield and the painter’s the warrior. I don’t just exist in a Mona lisa or a painting by Van Gogh, I also happen to exist in the moves of a dancer’s body or in the ambition of an eight year old child.
You can find me in anyplace, at anytime pampering your thoughts and indulging you into my muses.
I’m the crack of light on a dark, dull day.
Many people may find me a waste of time, but once they get to know me, I’ll dive deeper into their twisted souls and they might even feel bad about not giving into me sooner.

Come find me, it’s a free roller coaster ride. And once you hop on, I swear you’ll feel infinite.




Most people dream about going back in time and changing a grievous memory,
Having a second chance to undo a certain bitter regret in their past, but Katherine Herald wasn’t ordinary, she wanted to turn back the hands of time to reverse one of the best moments of her life.

Rainy days used to be Katherine’s favorites, rain always made her feel relieved and at ease when in doubt, it used to snitch her fears and her soul-wrecking thoughts away and stitch every scar she had, physically and also emotionally.
But today, on a rainy sunday, the clouds are not the only ones pouring tears.
Katherine sits hopelessly on her window seat hugging her knees to her chest, not feeling the happiness and relief rain offered her anymore. Might as she try to avoid it, her mind always kept pulling her back to the sweetest memory she ever had, the memory that used to send shivers down her spine, now it only ignites the fire that she’s trying so hard to keep unburning inside of her.
She tries to force her eyes to shut thinking that would help block away her memories, but that only makes her reminisce the things that she wants to unremember most.

So then she starts to enter her own world of flashbacks.. Nearly five years ago, on a winter’s night, the rain was pouring heavily on the heads of people, but it had a different impact on two 18 year olds, a guy and a girl who felt the rain wash away their pain.
Like many reckless, lonely souls, Katherine and Damien met on the drizzly sidewalks, soaked in raindrops, and that’s where their love started to blossom.

Ever since that day, their love started growing exponentially.
He made her happy in ways she didn’t even think were possible.
They grew closer over days, weeks, months and years, till one day, he lost his feelings of love for her and left.
He left her with nothing but suffocating memories and an aching heart.
Now, all Katherine wants is to go back in time to that rainy, cold night, and unmeet Damien.. Cause it was such an empty feeling knowing that her name no longer made his heart skip a beat, when days earlier, it made it rhythmically pound so hard, he almost felt it getting out of his chest.
Yes, Damien was the best part of her life, in fact, he was the only one she had, but the pain she felt the day he told her goodbye, was a hundred times bigger than the happiness he made her feel before.


#464 When characters in movies visit a place you know

1000 Awesome Things

What a trip.

It’s always a big moment when the flickering screen features one of these special scenes:

1. The Hometown Spotlight. This is when the characters come visit the city you live in. Nope, don’t matter if it’s terrorists fleeing the country, teen lovers filling gas on a road trip, or Batman batflying around the world to kidnap someone from a glass building. All that matters is that you get a little connection with the flick and feel proud your local spot is on display. (Note: Hometown Spotlight may not apply in New York, L.A., or London.)

2. The Local Understudy. Here’s when you spot your hometown in the movie, but it’s playing the part of another city. Sure, they tried to fool you with the yellow New York taxi cabs or a couple skyline shots, but you spotted your city hall and a local newspaper box in the…

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The Great Love.

What we have is a great love, no matter how things might try pulling us apart, we somehow always find our way back to each other. It feels like we were destined for each other, like God finally showed us that we both did a lot of waiting for this love, like we lost too many people for this love, like we spent all those sleepless, cold nights, with bitter sweet memories haunting us for this love.
This love made me breathe once again, it made me feel alive.
This love compensated for all the loss I’ve faced and all the times I’d had my heart broken.
This love gave me endless hope and bottomless happiness. The kind of happiness that one can only feel with their lover and no one else.
This love replaced every suicidal thought with a better tomorrow.
Though this love is not bound to last, it will affect us. It will leave a gigantic mark that will never fade away no matter how many days pass by. This kind of love is hard to get over and even harder to let go of. How can someone ever let go of something that gives them a reason for living?
This love can be as dazzling as a heaven can be and as painful as a hell can be.
This love is the only thing worth holding on to.
This love is the only thing worth fighting for.

In my darkest times, he’s the crack of light that improves my vision and brightens my days.
He’s the one I can relentlessly rely on in times of need.
He’s the hope I find in every struggle and the happiness I find in every moment of joy.
He’s the one I’d hate the most and at the same time love the most.
He’s my safe place.. And when I’m crestfallen and I can hardly see any hope in anything or anyone around me, and I need to think of a happy place to make me feel better, the thought of him immediately pops into my mind.

He’s the one whose glare can penetrate through all the fake smiles I try to put on, see behind them all and know that something isn’t right.
He’s the one who tries too hard to make me happy, even if it’d cost him his life.
He’s the one who can make me feel so good about myself and at other times, really bad about myself.

What we have is quite complex.
It’s hate and love, rage and passion, disgust and admiration, all at once

So what do you do when you lose a great love? Cause I’ve had a great love and now it’s gone..


On Top

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On top of the boat? Had to get a picture of that tho. Best sunset ever! – without any filter edits.

#522 Dancing when you’re home alone


1000 Awesome Things

Get your groove on strong.

Yes, lock that door, shutter those blinds, and crank that bumping thumping music, baby. Because it’s time to get down with the get down:

• The Microphone. Wooden spoons are ideal but there are good substitutes like toothbrushes, combs, or even a bulky plastic hair dryer. Just don’t trip on the cord.

• The Crowd. It’s all about mirrors. Nod and let them nod right back at you. Watch them mouth the words and raise their fists with yours. What a beautiful audience.

• The Critics. There are none! This is the best part. Nobody says you’re singing out of key so just wail till you can’t wail no more. For bonus points get your voice so loud and dirty it scratches the back of your throat.

• The Wardrobe. You’ve got a few costume options including the classic ripped…

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Promise | A Poem

Very nice!!


You have fallen from grace, like an Angel in black.
Having lost your spirit, you’re trying to get back.
You’ve been strong for so long now, it’s ok to feel weak
It doesn’t mean this is over, however troubled or bleak.
You might have made the wrong choices but we all do in time
Things are going to get better, I promise all will be fine.

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