New adventure.

Every journey really changes something about you. Even just a little bit. Coming back with a new perspective and a more fulfilling aim. Making memories, and saving some stories to tell in the future.
Spain was extraordinary, I really enjoyed it there!

(All photos are mine and none of them are filtered/edited.)






Out Of Focus.

Ever wondered what would happen if you could capture photos with your eyes? Yup, just your eyes. You just blink, then *tchik tchick* and its done. Fascinating, isn’t it?
I’d kill for this to happen. I want people to see things the way I see them. I want them to imagine beyond my description. To see how beautiful my mother’s smile is. To know why I get excited when I find the sea and sky being the exact shade of blue. To make everyone fall in love with sunrises and sunsets, the way I do, every single time.



(All photos are taken by me.)
Ps: Adjust your brightness to the max to see how charming the sky was today!😍

Love struck

I think i’m obsessed with traveling. And silhouettes. And seas. And cotton candy like clouds. And shades of blue and orange combined. Not much to ask for, eh?



(All photos are mine.)