Captured this from a really long time, but I thought I would like to share it with you guys now.




Out Of Focus.

Ever wondered what would happen if you could capture photos with your eyes? Yup, just your eyes. You just blink, then *tchik tchick* and its done. Fascinating, isn’t it?
I’d kill for this to happen. I want people to see things the way I see them. I want them to imagine beyond my description. To see how beautiful my mother’s smile is. To know why I get excited when I find the sea and sky being the exact shade of blue. To make everyone fall in love with sunrises and sunsets, the way I do, every single time.



(All photos are taken by me.)
Ps: Adjust your brightness to the max to see how charming the sky was today!😍

What time is it?

Tick-tock! Starting the countdown, one month away for S-U-M-M-E-R.
Well, I’m not type of a summer girl at all . As it takes a miracle to bare Egypt’s hot and sunny weather but for the first time ever I’m excited. Despite, the thought of summer approaching comes to my mind from time to time. Presumably, it should be perfect. You got to leave your messy working life and finally have a vacation!
Summer, were time pauses. You, your friends and nothing to worry about. But in case you’re a girl, you gotta worry about having shaved legs all time. Anyway you’re off the city to the coast you’re still in the car telling your friends how you wanna find your summer romance this season and dutch all your worries! You girls, laugh, remember old stories and sing along to your favorite verses. Then, your eyes see the blue glowing sea, with bunch of hot guys with a six pack surfing. You see the golden sand with people laying there, tanning. Right next to it, there’s the bar with iced colored drinks served that could make you thirsty in a second, with new exciting flavors. Besides, the dance floor full of crowded teenagers and the music so loud that it moves you unconditionally. Well, you still on the road with your radio on, that’s just a far eye-sight.
After a couple of hours maybe..
Finally, you arrive, landing your destination. Checking in in your hotel, and going straight forward to your room. You open your hardly closed zip and getting out your pink flowered flip-flops and your favorite swimsuit. After spending a hell of a time in your room preparing, you get out and lock the door. Waiting for the elevator down the hall way, and spend a minute of awkward silence with a cute and good-looking guy standing right next to you. Well, this is it you and the pool. You take off your summer dress and jump right in to the pool. Goddammit, its so cold but in a very good you. You’re careless, carefree and fearless. You feel it. Its a happy day in summer, its finally here! -SA