I am becoming Art.

I can be a breathtaking masterpiece on a canvas, or just simply a reckless thought in the mind of a dreamer.
I tend to exist in countless ways around you in every corner.
I can be the effortless road that’ll guide you to your own isolated wonderland, a place you’ll always want to escape to, away from reality.
I am the safe place of many terrified and lost souls, and I am the soothing inspiration of many passionate ones.
Get to know me, come closer, and I’ll help you get out of your shadow. I’ll help you discover potentials you didn’t even know you had within yourself. I’ll make you feel like you belong.

You can see my reflection in different kinds of wanderers here and there.
You can see me in the lenses of dauntless photographers as they capture their fascinating silhouettes.
I am the melody that hits a chord inside of everyone and the track they play over and over again.
I am the ink poured down on paper and the colors illustrated on a beautiful art piece.
Humans love discovering my every layer and every kind, they say I’m bottomless.
Paintbrushes are swords on a battlefield and the painter’s the warrior. I don’t just exist in a Mona lisa or a painting by Van Gogh, I also happen to exist in the moves of a dancer’s body or in the ambition of an eight year old child.
You can find me in anyplace, at anytime pampering your thoughts and indulging you into my muses.
I’m the crack of light on a dark, dull day.
Many people may find me a waste of time, but once they get to know me, I’ll dive deeper into their twisted souls and they might even feel bad about not giving into me sooner.

Come find me, it’s a free roller coaster ride. And once you hop on, I swear you’ll feel infinite.



Eternal love(2)

It’s kind of frightening that she found someone who made her happy.. Everyone who once made her happy before just left and took her happiness away. She gave him her all, he was the first person she talked to in the morning and the last one she said goodnight to before she fell asleep cause all what she really wanted was starting and ending everyday with that smile on her face. That smile that’s been missing for too long until he gently started drawing it again on those lips of hers.
But just like each and every person she had a close connection with, he left. He walked away and left her behind with their memories. He told her it was for the best but she was never convinced and so, she never gave up on him. ‘Maybe it wasn’t the fairytale but those stories weren’t real anyway. Mine was’ She said.
As days went by, she thought she’d slowly move on, but instead, she just started missing him more and more.
Everyday, her eyes would suddenly flash open from the nightmares she has about him. On some days, she’d close her eyes and try to continue that beautiful nightmare and if she failed, she’d stare at the ceiling and start imagining a bunch of little scenarios in her head.
On an ordinary wednesday, she got out that special box with the words ‘eternal love’ written all over it in his handwriting.. She opened the door to the world of bitter sweet memories and jumped inside. She started holding their photographs.. The ones at Paris ‘the city of love’ with the Eiffel Tower in the background. They were holding hands and they both seemed exquisitely happy. She stared at another photograph which showed only their mouths and chins along with the perfect dimples drawn exactly beside their curved lips. She found the photograph that gave her goose bumps, when they were together at the hospital after the terrible accident they went through. She remembered that they once survived together and they can definitely do it again despite all the circumstances that might draw them apart.
She closed the box, put it back in her closet. She headed for the door and grabbed the keys to her car. She drove all the way to his house, wrote him a letter and left it at his front porch, she knocked on his door and quickly ran away getting in her car and returning home.
To her huge surprise, the next day, she heard some foot steps on her front porch then a double knock on her door. She held the doors knob in fear, her hands were shaking. ‘Would it be him? Or has he already moved on? Does he miss me the same way I do? Or did he find someone better than me?’ She ignored the questions running through her head, took a deep breath and opened the door. It was him. With flowers in one hand and her letter in the other. He asked her to give him one more chance to make amends.
She froze in her place for a minute, just a minute that made her realize it was a mistake to write him that letter, it was a bigger mistake that she never tried letting him go. She took a deep breath and started to speak, her eyes were tearing up and she was about to scream. He tightly took her in his arms. As sweet as that felt, the butterflies in her stomach and the internal joy pump that spontaneously made her smile, she knew it was all wrong, she knew it was all a mistake.
She pushed him away and said that they cannot get back together then closed the door. He kept on knocking and ringing the bell but she never opened the door. She just laid there on the floor, behind the closed door and she started to break down.. He never knew why she rejected him when the day before, she wrote him a letter begging him to love her again. Only she knew the answer, her thoughts were wrapped in regret. ‘He left me once for no obvious reason.. What would guarantee he wouldn’t do it again?’ She wrote on a piece of paper and then put it behind his picture.

To be continued..


Eternal Love (1)



Nothing goes as planned.. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, things go better than planned. But most of the time, they go worse..

Each and every promise will soon be a memory. A bitter sweet memory of someone who once was the little glimpse of light at the end of your tunnel. All of a sudden, you’re lost in the dark.. If you go left, you’ll fall. If you go right, you’ll fall. You don’t know which way’s right and which one’s wrong. Just as you stand at the edge, a second away from falling hard, with all your dreams scattering like rain drops upon your head, with those awful voices in your mind telling you that you’re not good enough and it’s like they’ve been put on repeat.. You hear some foot steps coming from so far away, you take a step back and look the other way, you find a little crack of light which constantly attracts you like a magnet. On your journey there, you start regaining your strength, you start putting yourself together and hold everything in place. But that’s a heavy burden on your shoulder and you just can’t hold on anymore. Perhaps your internal compass will malfunction and you’ll lose your way, or maybe you’ll stumble on rocks and stones which are the memories and boundaries of the past you’re leaving behind. You suddenly find a helping hand reaching out for you. Whether it’s a guy or a girl, you blindly start to follow knowing they’re leading the way. You start to rediscover your happiness but unfortunately, your happiness depends on them.

She never intended to fall for him, that wasn’t part of her plan, but his hazel sparkling eyes really got her. His exceptional, flickering, curved smile finally led her to putting her guards down. Ever since she fell for him, love started growing exponentially.. A little after that, he started falling for her too. Eventually, they both fell together and blocked out the whole world cause they had each other. He, out of all the people she once loved, really knew how to make her happy. Gradually, her bruises started heeling and he stopped the bleeding.
That frown on her face started fading and a little smile started growing slowly every day. She started forgetting about her tough past.. She started forgiving the ones who did her wrong and indulged herself in his love. They both started to take it seriously, they were madly in love and they both knew it. They vowed to love each other forever, but how could they do that when they’re not even promised tomorrow?

Wait for the next part in a few days x