In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Storybook Day.”

As a girl who reads and watches A LOT of series and movies, I can’t choose a favorite fictional character. I simply have billions of them. So I’d never pick only one. And I’ll pick non-fictional characters too.

I’ll ask Van Gogh why did he like the color yellow so much? We are all a little bit weird and his weirdness lied in thinking that yellow was a happy color that he swallowed it. We spend so much time looking for happiness that sometimes madness gets in the way. I want to know what will he say when I tell him that I like yellow too. In fact, I like all colors with a fancy twist which is glitter. This is how I imagine happiness, everything with a glimpse of glitter.

What did Alaska Young have in mind when she told Miles “to be continued” ?

I wanna hear one of Chandler Bing’s jokes, and dance with him on ‘The Way You Look Tonight.”

I’ll live in Jasmine and Aladdin’s Castle, meet the Genie and make him grant my three warm wishes I had memorized since I was seven.

-(all what I have inside of my mind right now.)


New adventure.

Every journey really changes something about you. Even just a little bit. Coming back with a new perspective and a more fulfilling aim. Making memories, and saving some stories to tell in the future.
Spain was extraordinary, I really enjoyed it there!

(All photos are mine and none of them are filtered/edited.)






Captured this from a really long time, but I thought I would like to share it with you guys now.



Out Of Focus.

Ever wondered what would happen if you could capture photos with your eyes? Yup, just your eyes. You just blink, then *tchik tchick* and its done. Fascinating, isn’t it?
I’d kill for this to happen. I want people to see things the way I see them. I want them to imagine beyond my description. To see how beautiful my mother’s smile is. To know why I get excited when I find the sea and sky being the exact shade of blue. To make everyone fall in love with sunrises and sunsets, the way I do, every single time.



(All photos are taken by me.)
Ps: Adjust your brightness to the max to see how charming the sky was today!😍

Love struck

I think i’m obsessed with traveling. And silhouettes. And seas. And cotton candy like clouds. And shades of blue and orange combined. Not much to ask for, eh?



(All photos are mine.)

In Fall, we fall.

I don’t do pumpkin spice lattes but I do pumpkin pies. I don’t celebrate halloween but I like dressing up. I am not a fan of the color orange but then comes Autumn..

Everything about it feels quite different. You wake up differently. The smell of the air isn’t the same, smells like scented candles everywhere. You go downstairs for your breakfast; marshmallow-ed hot choco (yesss, I stuff my drink entirely with marshmallows & nope you’re never too old for that) and cereals! What’s better, right?
Going out in the early morning has to be my favorite part. Right when you open the door you feel the cold wind hitting you like needles in your face. You feel how soft the jacket goes against your skin as you pull it on. There’s something about the blurriness in the atmosphere that makes everyone so calm. Seriously though, nobody can be sad when they have the chance to step on crunchy leaves. I know I won’t and I bet you won’t either. Gold and brown leaves all over in the trees, on the ground and over you.
Right when you are done with looking at the ground take a glimpse at people’s faces. Everyone looks mysterious! Maybe its a weather thing but that has to be my favorite thing about Autumn; you won’t often find anyone sad. Seems like they’re at peace with their lives even if its just for a moment. Because let’s keep it real its sweater season!! When you can actually look fashionable but still comfortable. Everybody loves it.

People wait all year for summer to fall in love, all year for winter to dance in the rain but Fall remains puzzling. Everyone has this weird part inside them. So thats how we personally connect to Autumn. Its uncertainty flashes with our own to make something new and unique! So get prepared to see how this season treats you.

I am becoming Art.

I can be a breathtaking masterpiece on a canvas, or just simply a reckless thought in the mind of a dreamer.
I tend to exist in countless ways around you in every corner.
I can be the effortless road that’ll guide you to your own isolated wonderland, a place you’ll always want to escape to, away from reality.
I am the safe place of many terrified and lost souls, and I am the soothing inspiration of many passionate ones.
Get to know me, come closer, and I’ll help you get out of your shadow. I’ll help you discover potentials you didn’t even know you had within yourself. I’ll make you feel like you belong.

You can see my reflection in different kinds of wanderers here and there.
You can see me in the lenses of dauntless photographers as they capture their fascinating silhouettes.
I am the melody that hits a chord inside of everyone and the track they play over and over again.
I am the ink poured down on paper and the colors illustrated on a beautiful art piece.
Humans love discovering my every layer and every kind, they say I’m bottomless.
Paintbrushes are swords on a battlefield and the painter’s the warrior. I don’t just exist in a Mona lisa or a painting by Van Gogh, I also happen to exist in the moves of a dancer’s body or in the ambition of an eight year old child.
You can find me in anyplace, at anytime pampering your thoughts and indulging you into my muses.
I’m the crack of light on a dark, dull day.
Many people may find me a waste of time, but once they get to know me, I’ll dive deeper into their twisted souls and they might even feel bad about not giving into me sooner.

Come find me, it’s a free roller coaster ride. And once you hop on, I swear you’ll feel infinite.